Kiski Valley Chapter-11 A.B.A.T.E.

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Alliance Of Bikers Aimed Toward Education



Monthly meeting December 19,2014 from 6-7 P.M.



355 Grant Street


Leechburg, Pa. 15656

 Our monthly meeting will take place before or Christmas Party starts.  





Our new clothing line is in, so stop down and buy a shirt or hat.

Kiski Valley Chapter-11

Ralph Varrato-President

Harold Henry-Vice President

Charmin Papaila-Secretary

Marie Baker-Treasurer

Harold Henry-Legislative

Robin Varrato-Membership

Paula Henry-Sgt. At Arms

Dan Clark- Sgt. At Arms

Lewis Baker-Sgt. At Arms

Mike Benes- Sgt. At Arms

Ben Coleman- Sgt. At Arms 

Nick Baustert- Sgt. At Arms 

Sharon Bennis - Communications

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Kiski Valley Chapter-11

Kiski Valley Chapter-11 A.B.A.T.E. respects all other clubs and colors. We are not 1% or territorial. We abide by the laws set forth by the United States Constitution, the laws of the country we reside in.

We do not seek conflicts nor do we interfere with other clubs, we welcome fellowship with like minded.   We respect your rights and freedoms and expect the same of ours.   Kiski Valley Chapter accept any type of motorcycles.  Join us at our monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month.  111 Fazio Drive, Leechburg, Pa. 15656

                                                              Ralph D. Varrato-web master

Founded 2010